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Product Divisions
Medical Engineering
Life Sciences
Food Technology & Animal Health Diagnostics
Infection Control
Technical Services
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Our Product Divisions
Link to Scientific Section
Scientific Product Range
Dissolution Software
Breath Alcohol Testing
Dani Instrument Solutions
Gel Doc Systems
PSS - Polymer Standards Service
FTIR / NIR Spectrophotometry
Atomic Absorption Spectrometers
Flame AAS
Graphite Furnace AAS
UV/Vis Spectrophotometers
NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets
NuAire CO2 Incubators
Freeze Dryers
Incubator Shakers
Laboratory Refrigeration
Link to Clinical Section
Clinical Product Range
New IL GEM4000
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Blood Gas Analysis
Coagulation Systems
Lactate Analyser
Hemoglobin Analyser
HBA1C Analyser
Ketone Photometer
Link to Medical Section
Medical Product Range
Medical Imaging Team
Philips CX50 CompactXtreme
Philips HD7 XE
Philips HD15
Philips iE33
Philips Xcelera
Philips Learning Centre
Cheetah Medical NICOM
Medical & Cleanroom Disposables
Pulse Oximeters
G+N SaphenaMedicalŪ Anti-Embolism Range of Stockings
Link to Medical Engineering Section
Medical Engineering
Product Range
Operating Lights
Bed Head Trunking
Nursecall Systems
Personal Security & Paging Systems
Link to Technical Services Section
Technical Services
Technical Services
Link to Industrial Section
Industrial Product Range
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Pharma Washing Systems
Chomerics EMI Shielding & Thermal Products
Parker Seals and O-Rings
3M Novec Engineered Fluids
Fume Extraction Systems
Link to Infection Control Section
Infection Control
Product Range
MEDISHOWER - Anti-microbial Showering
Bedpan Washers
Endoscopy Traceability & Reporting
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
Enzymatic Cleaners
Downflow Systems
Tristel Infection Control, Contamination Control & Hygiene Products
Link to Clinical Section
Food Technology & Animal Health Diagnostics
Charm Sciences
Tepnel Biosystems
Bio-Rad Technical Files
LSI Veterinary Diagnostic Kits
Link to Life Sciences Section
Life Sciences
New England Biolabs Inc.
Cell Signaling Technology (CST)
Advanced Suspension Medium - Happy Cell
Lonza Certificates of Analysis
Lonza Clonetics Human Primary Cells & Media
Lonza Media, Reagents & Sera
Lonza Mycoplasma Detection & Prevention
Lonza Transfection
Lonza Bioassays
Lonza Electrophoresis & Analysis
Lonza Certificates of Analysis
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