Airglove Air Warming System for Venous Access

An Award Winning Innovation awarded “Seal of Excellence” by EU in 2019 for first class ideas worthy of investment

Airglove is a worldwide patented air warming system developed to enable venous access in a patients arm for the delivery of intravenous drugs. It gently heats the patients arm up as it forces warm air through a double walled polythene glove. Airglove achieved 87.5% 1st time successful cannulation in trials at The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust patient service evaluation with their most difficult vein access (DVA) oncology patients.

Patient Solution . . .
Airglove warming system works in just 3 minutes gently heating the patients arm to the selected temperature. Its is so easy to use the nurse/practitioner simply selects the chosen temperature setting according to the patients skin type, places the patents arm in the double walled polythene glove and selects start. The patient will feel the warm air fill the glove up and vent away through a single slit perforation and after 3 minutes the machine will automatically stop with an alert sound.

Patient Safety . . .
No more improvisation with warm water, heat packs or even heated towels to try and gain access to patients veins which can be a Health & Safety issue. Airglove is a fully approved medical device which gives precise thermal regulation in 3 minutes.

Patent Comfort . . .
In addition to the benefits of easier cannulisation Airglove can help to make the patient more comfortable and relaxed with its gentle warming system with the confidence that the nurse practitioner will be able to access their veins

Patient Clinical Considerations . . .
With extended courses of treatment such as chemotherapy repeated cannulation is often required. Airglove can benefit fragile or hidden veins by warming the local area which gently raises the veins allowing for the insertion of the cannula. This reduces the time taken, costs and the number of attempts required which is more comfortable for both the patient and nurse/practitioner.

Approved Medical Device . . .
Airglove has taken 5 years of development, research, testing and clinical trials by Green Cross Medico in conjunction with NHS Innovations South East and The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust hospital. It was developed as there was a clearly defined and acknowledged need by medical professionals at The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust hospital oncology department.

Experience the Advantage of Airglove in 3 Minutes

Airglove is a unique warming system developed to enable access to the veins in a patients arm for the delivery of intraveneous drugs. It gently heats the patients arm up as it forces warm air through a double walled polythene glove.

Temperature Settings . . .
The temperature can be selected to suit each skin type sensitive, normal or slightly heavier with the Airglove automatically re-setting itself to normal skin type (setting 2) after each use. After 3 minutes the Airglove unit automatically switches off with an alert sound.

Airglove Technical Specifications . . .

Operating Mode:Automatically set for 3 minutes per each session. Defaults to manufacturers settings after use.
Setting 1 – 31.5°c
Setting 2 – 35.5°c (default setting)
Setting 3 – 38.5°c
Power:220 – 240 v / 50Hz
Unit Dimensions:440 mm x 200 mm x 252 mm
Unit Weight:660 gms
Compliance:CE Certified for Medical Devices

Disposable Gloves . . .

Size:W 210 mm x L 565 mm
Material:Clear LDPE double wall
Unit:Box of 50 gloves (For single use only)