Bioreactors for Reliable and Efficient Cultivations

INFORS HT is your specialist for bioreactors, incubation shakers and bioprocess platform software. You benefit from sophisticated systems, in which your cell lines or microorganisms develop their full potential in a reproducible way, thus contributing to your success.

For your applications, we offer the right solutions:

  • Fermentation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts)
  • Cell culture (mammalian cells, insect cells, plant cells and algae)
  • Biofuel (biodiesel and bioethanol)
  • Parallel bioprocesses
  • Custom-made bioreactors and incubation shakers
  • Bioprocess Platform Software
  • Qualification of bioreactors and incubation shakers

Bench Top Bioreactors

Minifors 2

The Minifors 2 is a compact and easy-to-use bioreactor with a full range of application possibilities. It is a complete package that enables both, beginners and experienced users to easily perform microbial applications.

Multifors 2

The INFORS HT Multifors 2 is especially designed for multiple, parallel bioprocesses in small volumes. Working volumes range from 180-500 mL and from 320-1000 mL for the larger vessel.

INFORS HT has over 45 year’s experience in designing bioreactors to provide powerful mixing, good temperature control plus flexible oxygenation and feeding strategies. All this know-how has been transferred into the Multifors 2.

Multifors 2 Cell

The INFORS HT Multifors 2 Cell is especially designed for multiple, parallel bioprocesses in small volumes. Working volumes range from 150-500 mL and from 220-750 mL for the larger vessel.

The Multifors 2 Cell is suitable for cultivation of suspended mammalian cells (CHO, HEK, etc.) and insect cells (Sf9, HiFive, etc.), as well as adherent cells on microcarriers. All equipment is fully optimised for sterile and reproducible parallel bioprocesses, which allows advanced cell cultivation to your wishes.

Labfors 5

Labfors 5 is a leading bench-top bioreactor, providing the user with an easy to handle, flexible and upgradeable system for culture volumes from 0.5 L up to 10 L. The Labfors 5is always application optimized for your bioprocesses. Different cultivation strategies such as culture in batch, fed-batch and continuous modes are possible. The integrated OPC server makes the connection with additional sensors as simple as possible. A parallel bioreactor option allows to control up to 6 bioreactors with a single controller. Applications include high cell density cultures for protein production, biofuel and process analytical technology (PAT)

Labfors 5 Cell.

The wide range of applications involving the Labfors 5 Cell allows process developments and a scale-up of 0.5 – 10 L cultivation volume and professional production processes. Simple batch processes and fed-batch and continuous perfusion strategies can be achieved easily with the Labfors 5 Cell.

The cultivation of mammal and insect cells in bioreactors is an established application in biotechnology and requires a correspondingly specialist system to achieve the best possible results. The Labfors 5 Cell meets these requirements and, with its simple handling and flexibility, also offers unique benefits for your cell cultures.

The integrated OPC server makes the connection with additional sensors as simple as possible. A parallel bioreactoroption allows to control up to 6 bioreactors with a single controller.

Labfors 5 Lux.

Labfors 5 Lux photobioreactor is an extension of the Labfors 5 bioreactor, optimised for the cultivation of photosynthetic active organisms, including algae, plant cells and cyanobacteria. Two different types of cultivation vessels are available. The classical stirred tank with LED lightning is ideal for photosynthetic applications. The new developed flat panel vessel with high-tech illumination is excellent for biofuel research.

Pilot Bioreactors


The Techfors fulfils the highest demands for flexibility with regard to the design and operation of technical systems and pilot bioreactors with a total volume of 20 to 750 L (larger on request). Your Techfors is specially constructed to cater for your requirements in cell or bacterial cultures. The Techfors is designed so that batch, fed-batch and continuous cultivation strategies such as chemostat or perfusion processes can be carried out or further developed at the highest level.


Techfors-S is a perfect “next step” from autoclavable to in situ sterilisable bioreactors. The whole system is compact and can be easily integrated into a standard laboratory environment. Designed for easy handling, the Techfors-S provides simple, user-friendly instrumentation in the form of a touch screen, which is a colour touch screen with a tabbed interface for easy access to all functions.

Solid State Bioreactors

Labfors 5 BioETOH

Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation combined in one system (SSF). Ideal for research and development in the lignocellulosic ethanol production sector.


Terrafors offers a standardised solution for in situ sterilisable, laboratory-scale fermentation of solids and semi-solids such as soil, compost and oils.

Bioreactor Software

This is eve®

eve® is able to do more than just plan, control and analyse your bioprocesses. The eve® software integrates workflows, devices, bioprocess information and big data in a web-based platform that lets you organise your projects — no matter how complex they are.

All-inclusive workflow: from planning to data analysis

eve® covers every aspect of a bioprocess, with a straightforward user navigation system that keeps the workflow on hand at all times. The workflow integrates all of the experimental requirements, from project, experiment and batch planning to resource administration and analysis of the results. Process Management becomes comprehensive and easier than ever before.

Customized and selective: packages

eve® is as suitable for researchers as it is for users in industry. Tailor eve® to your own personal needs by combining various packages however you like. Select the features that make your life easier: draft bioprocess strategies in an astonishingly easy process — a few clicks is all it takes. Generate more information thanks to soft-sensors, and use DoE methods for faster results. It’s up to you how you want to work with eve®. Add new features anytime you like

Organised and packed with bioprocess expertise

eve® gives you precisely the tools and information you need for your work sequences. Its integrated, expandable libraries organise information about process data, organisms, media, soft-sensors and formulations. Your bioprocess expertise is organised in a central location, easy to expand and available whenever you need

Unlimited and independent: web-based

Because eve® is web-based, your bioprocess data are available for you right from a browser, ending your dependence on operating systems—one central installation is all you need. eve® adapts to your needs. Everywhere, unlimited  and independent.

eve® is reliable and secure. Always.

eve® is reliable and secure.

Start up your computer and eve® is ready to go for as long as the computer is running. Your bioprocess will be recorded in the background, even if no user is logged in. After a power failure, eve® will automatically start up as soon as the computer is turned back on. You can depend on eve®. Always.