Brennan & Company Appointed Distributor for the VibraVest (AffloVest®) in Ireland

Brennan & Company are pleased to announce that we have been appointed the distributor for the next generation VibraVest fully mobile respiratory HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation) airway clearance vest in Ireland.

Providing advanced lung secretion clearance while allowing an active lifestyle

The VibraVest airway clearance system is designed to assist patients in the mobilization of retained secretion. Failure to remove secretion may lead to increased rates of respiratory infection, hospitalization and reduced lung function.

With a physician’s prescription and guidance, patients can tailor VibraVest treatments to their needs. Multiple settings allow for various treatment settings that serve both adults and children with respiratory diseases or chronic lung conditions. The number of patients who can benefit from the innovative VibraVest treatments is substantial.

The VibraVest is available in USA and Canada under the brand name AffloVest with FDA certification.

For more information on the VibraVest airway clearance system please click here