We are proud to announce that Brennan & Company have been shortlisted for the Sandyford Business District Scale-Up Award 2019.

The Sandyford Business District Awards is a way to recognise the efforts and achievements of companies, organisations and individuals in the Sandyford Business District. The inaugural event took place in 2017. This award is designed to recognise the growth of a company through increased revenue, market share, product/service development, headcount and sustainability into the future.

Brennan & Company have been based within the Sandyford Business District area for over 39 years.  We are still at the location chosen by our founder Greg Brennan Snr in 1980 although we have had several structural changes to the offices since then as a result of our growth. The company has grown notably since its incorporation in 1966 and with the creation of a dedicated Board of Directors in 2017 we have focused on expanding our portfolio of products significantly.

Brennan and Company have been nominated for this award in recognition of the rapid expansion within our company that has taken place over the last 3 years.

Our principal strength lies in the quality of our people. Our teams of highly trained specialists, internally and externally, understand the detailed needs of our customers and they consistently put efficient customer service before everything else. Our growth over the last 3 years would have been impossible without the dedication and capability of all our personnel.

The award winners will be revealed at a Black Tie Gala Dinner on Thursday, 14th November 2019 in The Pavilion, Leopardstown Racecourse. Broadcaster and businessman, Ivan Yates will be hosting the evening.

Brennan & Company have been shortlisted for this award along with two other companies, including Keyword Studios, a global services platform for video games, and Spirit Motor Group – Volvo, a premier car dealership.

Gregory M. Brennan, Group Managing Director said: “The creation of the Sandyford Business District, following the SBID process in 2017, has helped create a unique identity for the area that Brennan & Company are proud to be part of. There is a sense of community and inclusion that is being developed here and it is exciting to see it grow bigger and better each year.”

Gary King, Group Finance Director said: “I was lucky enough to join Brennan & Company 3 years ago at a very exciting time in the company’s 50 year history. In that time we have achieved turnover growth of 48% and have invested heavily in people and processes in order to ensure our company will thrive in the Sandyford Business District for the next 50 years.  We are thrilled that our achievements have been recognised and being shortlisted in this category alongside other high performing companies is something we are very proud of.”

Elaine Mooney, Group HR Manager said: “I am delighted that we have been shortlisted for this award. It’s exciting to be part of a company that has ambitious growth plans from a business perspective, while also considering the growth, development and wellbeing of their staff to be of tandem importance to achieving business success. The board’s view that success as a business must also include success for every single person who is part of that business, means our foundations are strong for continued growth that is strategic and sustainable.”