The EPIQ platform offers our highest level of premium performance with exceptional image resolution and detail along with extraordinary levels of information. It brings high-quality ultrasound imaging to every echocardiography setting.


  • xMATRIX is our most leading-edge, versatile ultrasound transducer technology
  • nSIGHT Imaging makes powerful xMATRIX technology even more so
  • Anatomical Intelligence Ultrasound, elevates the ultrasound system from a passive to an actively adaptive device
  • ZeroClick technology,  which means that once loaded, the tool does it all for you
  • The power of PureWave to image technically difficult patients
  • Automated 2D Cardiac QuantificationA.I. (a2DQA.I.) with ZeroClick technology
  • Automated Cardiac Motion QuantificationA.I. (aCMQA.I.) with ZeroClick technology
  • Advanced workflow, Amazingly portable and Library quiet


  • Based on its premium EPIQ series of ultrasound machines
  • Offers best technology for tighter budgets
  • Ergonomic – but built to last for high patient volume
  • Anatomic intelligence provides the results you need
  • Purewave Technology designed to increase penetration for technically difficult patients
  • Automation tools that save time


  • Compact Cardiovascular Ultrasound System
  • Diagnostic Excellence
  • Premium Performance for every patient
  • Extreme imaging for surgery
  • QLab quantification Software
  • Premium Echo for interventional Cardiology