Harnessing the power of reimagination. It’s how Ortho Clinical Diagnostics has been transforming in vitro diagnostics for more than 75 years. It’s made them a trusted partner of hospitals, hospital networks, blood banks, and labs around the world. And today it’s empowering them to advise customers as they prepare for what’s next.

From their earliest work in blood typing to the latest developments in laboratory systems, they have pioneered life-impacting advances. Scientific advances that have helped medical professionals diagnose conditions early and make better-informed treatment decisions.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is a leading global provider of in vitro diagnostics. They have an established track record for providing high-quality products and services to the global clinical laboratory and immunohematology communities.


Ortho’s clinical laboratories business includes testing platforms and clinical assay tests to monitor disease progression across multiple disease categories including infectious diseases, cardiology and endocrinology. They simplify lab operations so that medical professionals can focus on improving patient care.

Ortho’s world-class immunoassays span all major disease categories providing actionable diagnostic insights that provide medical value for health care professionals ─ and they are committed to expanding the menu.

More than 70% of all medical decisions are made based on clinical laboratory results. Yet labs are continually pressed to lower costs and do more with less. Ortho’s dry technology products and patented enabling technologies are engineered to withstand organizational, operational, and economic stresses. So you can deliver consistently accurate results—with predictable costs—no matter the circumstances.

Integrated Chemistry & ImmunoAssay

VITROS® 5600 Integrated System

Laboratories are constantly under pressure to produce faster, higher-quality results, even under increased demands. The VITROS® 5600 is an integrated system that brings together 5 proven technologies designed to remove the obstacles to reducing turnaround time and increasing your ability to provide meaningful results.


VITROS® 4600 Chemistry System

Every day, labs like yours face the challenge of improving patient care while balancing staffing, compliance, and total operating cost containment. Specifically designed to be easily integrated into each stage of the laboratory workflow all the way from pre-analytic to post-analytic solutions, the VITROS® 4600 System is a medium chemistry platform with parallel processing for routine and speciality testing.

VITROS® 350 Chemistry System

Providing fast, accurate results is a necessity—even for small labs—with growing pressure to reduce errors and cut costs in the midst of increased demands and significant staffing shortages. The VITROS® 350 Chemistry System is our compact analyzer and the ideal solution for laboratories with smaller volume of samples per day. With a comprehensive test menu and easy integration of STAT samples, it can support testing of both routine clinical chemistry panels and rapid turnaround critical care markers. In addition, the VITROS® 350 Chemistry System uses the same reagent cartridges across all VITROS® Analyzers



VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostic System

Today’s laboratories require accurate, precise, fast, and nonstop testing.

The VITROS® 3600 Immunodiagnostics System has been designed to help you effectively deliver abroad portfolio  of high value immunoassay results. The VITROS® 3600 System also offers Intelligent Sample Management, with the ability to prioritize workflow by “looking ahead” for up to 50 samples.

VITROS® ECiQ Immunodiagnostic System

The VITROS® ECIQ System offers smaller laboratories tailor-made solutions for both routine and specialty immunodiagnostic testing. In addition the VITROS® ECIQ System uses the same reagent packs across all VITROS® Analyzers.


Lab Automation and Middleware

VITROS® Automation Solutions

Ortho is driven by a determination to meet the customer’s changing needs – and anticipate their future ones. With increasing pressures on laboratories to improve productivity whilst simultaneously cutting costs, Ortho have made it imperative to enhance the automation tools currently at their disposal. Working with other industry leaders – Thermo Fisher Scientific and Data Innovations – they have designed VITROS® Automation Solutions, a platform which delivers the capacity and flexibility that puts the customer totally in control of their day-to-day operations.

VITROS® Automation Solutions Laboratory Informatics

VITROS® Automation Solutions Laboratory Informatics combines the proven technologies of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics with the industry leader in Middleware – Data Innovations – to manage your solution, from a single workcell to full automation.