EndoVault Oncology

EndoVault® Oncology is a first of its kind EHR designed specifically for Oncologists to plan, manage and monitor patient treatments in a single application.

Unsurpassed in its comprehensive and broad scope of content, EndoVault® Oncology offers all of the aspects of a practice management, consultation and report writing software, along with modules for initial consultations, Cancer staging, chemotherapy, chemotherapy order sets, radiation therapy, palliative care and recall management.

Complete Solution

With EndoVault® Oncology, physicians have the ability to plan and execute every facet of a patient’s treatment. From lab tracking and imaging to documenting diagnosis and treatment planning, EndoVault® Oncology is a comprehensive resource for Oncologists and their support teams.

Chemotherapy Module

The integrated Chemotherapy Module provides physicians with the tools necessary to effectively assess and manage each patient’s chemotherapy treatment protocol. The application promotes an analytical and evaluative approach to patient care, allowing providers to administer chemotherapy and to critically assess, plan and implement individualized care.

Seamless Integration

EndoVault® Oncology is seamlessly integrated with all other standard features of the renowned EndoVault® EHR, which includes consent management, e-prescription, laboratory, radiology orders and results tracking, a provider dashboard with a daily composite schedule along with patient summary reports.


Provider Dashboard

The customizable EndoVault® Oncology Provider Dashboard gives physicians an overall view of their day. From the dashboard they can see their schedule, pending laboratory/pathology/radiology results, order tracking, recalls, tasks, messages, prescription refill request and unsigned consults and procedure reports in real time.

Decision Support

EndoVault Oncology contains powerful tools where providers can setup customized parameters for decision support. Based on these parameters, the system is able to recommend things like dose ranges, reductions and maximum dose thresholds. It also provides real time access to clinical guidelines.


EndoVault offers a fully customizable Pedigree tool which allows providers to illustrate a family’s genetic information (genogram) in the form of an easy to read chart. Based on the standardized pedigree nomenclature developed by the National Society of Genetic Counselors, pedigrees are illustrated in a standardized set of symbols. Genetic traits associated with specific cancer types, gene mutations and risk factors can also be notated and data can be maintained for patients as well as outside candidates (family members).


An integrated messaging system allows providers to communicate electronically internally and externally with other providers, staff, patients, pharmacists and others. The messaging feature is conveniently located on the Provider Dashboard. For immediate alerts, providers can send messages via text to mobile devices by checking the “SMS” box.

Tumor Board Meetings

The use of multi-disciplinary tumor board consultations ensures that cancer patients have access to the best practices for cancer management. EndoVault Oncology offers all the latest tools to host and attend virtual Tumor Board Meetings. Meetings can be scheduled to share patient data, images, updates and professional insights quickly and efficiently between multi-disciplinary groups of physicians.

Patient History

Record, store and monitor the details of a patient’s history all in one place. Patient information is added and updated all along the care process, allowing the most recent patient data to flow seamlessly into the patient notes and reports. The Patient History are also logs which clinical trials patients are enrolled in. Helping to assess the treatment as well as track and report adverse events based on the American Cancer Society protocols.

Patient Consent

The HIPAA compliant consent management module allows providers to easily obtain informed consent from a patient or legal proxy before conducting a healthcare intervention or enrolling that person in a clinical trial. Signatures may be obtained electronically via an electronic signature pad.

Database Query Tool

EndoVault® offers an integrated, fully customizable database query tool. The tool enables providers to extract and assemble an unlimited number of queries to explore trends in cancer care and to serve as the basis for quality improvement. Providers can develop and generate reports to monitor, measure and report quality of care, develop custom reports and create charts and graphs to illustrate statistical and key data elements. Data can be conveniently extracted in multiple formats (raw data, Excel, PDF, charts, graphs, etc.).

Audit Trail

The EndoVault® Audit Trail Module offers a global view of all activities within the system. Every entry and all patient communication becomes part of the patient medical record. The Audit Trail module helps safeguard patient information by tracking all changes to a patient’s chart directly to the source of origin. In addition, all charted activities related to patient care may be audited for quality assurance.

Document Management

EndoVault® integrated Document Management tracks and stores all electronic documents within the application. Users can send and receive secure e-mail, black and white and color faxes, develop forms, manage consents, advance directives and other documents directly within a patient’s chart. Also, the application can record electronic signatures for consents and discharge as well as scanning capabilities for existing hard copies.


CPOE is the heart of EndoVault® Oncology. Creating a seamless integration between multiple modalities allows for providers to safely and efficiently order anticancer agents and associated ancillary therapies.

  • Prebuilt Order Sets by Specialty
  • Automated Calculation of Cycle Treatments
  • Automated Dose Calculations Factoring BSA, AUC, BMI, Height, Weight, Creatinine, Age, GFR and more
  • Seamless Communication Between all Clinicians
  • Standardize Patient Care
  • Reduce Medication Errors
  • Pre and Post Chemotherapy Medications at Your Fingertips
  • Directly Communicate Orders to Scheduling, Pharmacy and the Chemotherapy Delivery Department


The Pharmacy Management Module offers direct entry of pharmacy orders and instructions for patient treatment. Orders are communicated directly to the pharmacy department, allowing pharmacists to generate chemotherapy treatment quickly and accurately. The module ensures patients are receiving the appropriate drug(s) at the correct dosages on the correct and corresponding days while continuously monitoring the ongoing therapy.

The application also allows pharmacists to manage order sets, increase or decrease dosages based on prior or present condition and communicate changes or concerns directly with physicians through the application messaging system. Physicians orders are seamlessly integrated with the Medication Administration Record (MAR).


EndoVault offers EndoVault® Rx, a fully integrated e-prescription application.
The application automatically imports a patient’s medical and medication history (including active and inactive)for potential allergies and adverse drug reactions as well as checks insurance eligibility for appropriate coverage. Prescriptions and refills are routed safely and securely directly to a patient’s pharmacy. All US pharmacies and mail-order companies are included in the system.
EndoVault® Rx is Surescripts® certified.


EndoVault® Cancer Staging Module helps providers create a complete overview of a patient’s cancer diagnosis. Specifics of a diagnosis are documented with the international standards of care by documenting the diagnosis and diagnosis subtype (ICD-10 codes), the metastasis and sites of cancer, morphology of cancer (ICD-O-3 codes), the clinical or pathological stage selection based on TNM and the interventions performed. Selections are distinctive based on specialty, site and diagnosis. A comments section offers providers unlimited space and free expression to notate any specifics they might need to address or information for other caregivers. Any free text or expression is searchable for reporting purposes.

Cancer Registry & Reporting

The EndoVault® Cancer Registry & Reporting module allows providers to automatically extract and report data to various cancer registries. Providers can run reports based on registry requirements and specific trends (age, geography, socioeconomic status, treatments, death rates, etc.), giving them a greater understanding and the ability to address the cancer burden more effectively. Cancer registry interfacing is available and has been tested in multiple connectathons including IHE and ASCO.


Chemotherapy Order Sets

In EndoVault, providers can safely and efficiently order anticancer agents and associated ancillary therapies. Orders are communicated directly to the pharmacy and chemotherapy delivery departments.

Automated dose calculation and built in redundancies decrease human error, increase patient safety and efficiency by elevating standardization and accuracy. In addition, the system includes dosage limits for certain medications and automatically creates a log if a medication should no longer be administered (lifetime restriction), or if a patient experiences an adverse reaction.

The application automatically calculates dosage based on various parameters such as BSA, AUC, BMI, Height, Weight, Creatinine, age, GFR, etc. as well as automating cycle and treatment date calculations.

The chemotherapy order sets are assembled by clinical specialty and powered by the industry’s most rigorous compilation of drug information.

General Orders

To further enhance a provider’s ability to deliver safe and quality Oncology care, the EndoVault® Orders tab offers a full set of orders including lab tests, radiology, diet, medications (inpatient), IV fluids and more. Each order clearly indicates which provider placed the order, the history of past orders along with notes and instructions recorded at the time the order was placed.

Radiation Therapy Orders

In EndoVault®, providers can order complete radiation therapy directly from the Orders tab. Radiation orders can be customized for each patient including dates, fractions, dosage, site code, modality and technique.


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EndoVault® understands interoperability is important and has been regularly tested in the IHE Connectathon, ASCO Connectathon and HIMSS Interoperability showcase.

EndoVault® is ICD9/10, ICD-O-3 and CPT® compliant.
EndoVault® is a scalable enterprise solution that is compatible with Microsoft® SQL 2008/2012 server and has the ability to run in a Citrix® server environment. The application is Active Directory (LDAP) compliant, supports virtual server and is compliant with HL7 and DICOM, making EndoVault® one of the most extensive and intuitive Oncology EHR solutions on the market today.

The application can read and write barcodes, RFIDs, personal identification and insurance cards and capture HIPPA compliant electronic signatures. EndoVault® is equipped to interface with all major laboratories, pharmacies, clinical repositories, registries and more. Color and black and white scanning and fax capabilities come standard. For providers who prefer dictation, EndoVault® is compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition and also provides optional transcription services that populates the discrete data elements within the EHR application.

Image of ONC Certified 2014 Edition Complete EHR

EndoVault® 3.0 is a Complete 2014 Edition, Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certified

(ONC-ACB #IG-3332-15-0041 and #IG-3332-15-0042)

Electronic Health Record (EHR) application.