Steelco Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing & Storage

Ares Philosophy: Driven by customer feedback and internal research a decade ago, Steelco started the development of its endoscopy product platform, initially launching the EW 2 advanced technology AER. To this day, the EW 2 system still represents one of the best solutions internationally available in terms of safety, automation, traceability and ergonomy.

Steelco continued expanding it’s solution for the complete workflow of endoscope reprocessing, leading to a full cutting edge range including Pre-Cleaning Device, AERs, Drying Cabinets, Endoscopy Transport Solutions, Traceability Software and Project Management in planning customized GI suites.

Steelco AERs are designed and constructed to the latest European Standard EN ISO 15883-1/4, with Drying Cabinets to EN 16442:2014 with full independent test validation undertaken at leading independent European test centers.

Driven by customer needs

Steelco SpA is an Italian company leader in the production of devices and apparatus for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization specifically designed for the medical, laboratory, research and pharmaceutical industries. Steelco manufactures devices which are able to:

  • reprocess medical devices used in outpatient, surgical and endoscopic environments;
  • maintain laboratories and research environments protected against the risk of cross contaminations and to offer productive solutions for the sanitization, sterilization and maintenance of animal rooms;
  • serving the global pharma industry with washers and sterilization system, compliant to cGMP documentation and dedicated to production materials and end-products;
  • effectively manage the cleansing and sterilization of laboratory glassware through highly versatile solutions.

Steelco offers to its clients complete and customized solutions.

The wide range of Steelco products, the efficiency and versatility of the solutions provided meet all customer’s specific needs. A strong capacity for innovation together with a deep market and regulation knowledge have led the company to a significant growth trend. Steelco devices are installed in more than 100 different countries around the world and is directly present in North–America, East Europe and Asia through its commercial branches.

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“We put all our efforts to improve cleaning and disinfection processes within different professionals areas to assure a better quality of work for over a thousands of professionals worldwide.”