GEM Premier 400 with IQM

The GEM Premier 4000 analyser, with integrated information management system – GEMweb Plus, is a portable ‘standard platform’ cartridge-based system designed to rapidly analyse heparinised whole blood samples in both laboratory and point-of-care locations. GEM Premier and GEMweb Plus comply with ISO15189:2003 and ISO 22870:2006 POCT requirements for quality and competence.

Providing quantitative measurements of pH, pO2, pCO2, Na+,, K+, Ca++, Cl-, glucose, lactate, haematocrit, t-Bilirubin along with a full Co-oximetry panel with over 25 derived parameters. IL will shortly be releasing additional measured parameters; BUN/Urea, Creatinine and HCO3/TCO2. The Total-Bilirubin Assay is FDA approved for both Adult and Neo-natal blood.

Unique Single Pack System

GEM PAK the only single-component, multi-use cartridge on the market

Guaranteed, GEM PAK guarantee ensures fixed operational spend*

Guaranteed, no Maintenance or troubleshooting required

Guaranteed, no bulky refrigeration

Guaranteed, infection control compliance
* Assumes volume and menu remain consistent.


Unique GEM 4000 Reference Sites

The market leader and number one supplier of Blood Gas Analysers in Ireland and the UK with over 700 GEM installations.

Instrumentation Laboratory has replaced multiple competitive analysers.

Guaranteed all user contact details are available for reference, with no hidden accounts we rather you did not know about.

Unique Intelligent Quality Management

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iQM is an active, continuous, real time quality assurance process.

Guaranteed, the most accurate results, every time, for maximum efficiency and enhanced patient safety.
Guaranteed, immediately detects errors no hands on troubleshooting required.
Guaranteed, immediately corrects errors no hands on corrective action required.

Unique GEMweb Plus Custom Connectivity

Access to Gem 4000 system from any networked PC, or any other networked Gem 4000.

Guaranteed, provides a simple single software solution
Guaranteed, allows total system wide control from any networked PC or GEM Premier 4000
Guaranteed, automate and customise operator certification and management.

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