Lancer Laboratory Glassware Washers

Lancer Ultima Undercounter Laboratory Washers

Glassware washers designed for easy operations in laboratories with limited space and budget.

Maximize valuable research space with the Lancer Ultima Undercounter Laboratory Washers from Getinge. Models are available for installation under casework for a virtually invisible footprint.

810LX and 815LX

The 810 LX and 815 LX are entry level model in the undercounter range of washers. It offers direct injection washing on two levels, and fits under standard casework to meet the budget and space requirements of many laboratories.


In addition to direct injection washing on two levels, the 820 LX provides complete drying coverage inside and outside of processed glassware. HEPA-filtered air is forced through both the chamber and injectors, ensuring complete drying in a quick overall cycle time. The 820 LX also offers onboard storage of chemicals within the frame of the washer for safe storage and protection from unnecessary handling.

Lancer Ultima Freestanding Laboratory Washers

Multiple-level direct-injection washing supports high throughput in a compact footprint.

Getinge offers a comprehensive range of Lancer Ultima Freestanding Laboratory Washers to meet the specific capacity and cleaning requirements for the utensils and glassware in your laboratory.

910 LX

The 910 LX offers washing on 2 levels with the possibility of 3 rack positions for flexible loading options. The dual drying system provides HEPA filtered forced air through both injectors and chamber to ensure complete and rapid drying of glassware both inside and out. The built-in drawer accommodates chemical canisters to save floor space while providing safe storage with minimal handling.

1300 LX

The higher capacity 1300 LX keeps laboratory space limitations in mind. It provides washing and drying on 3 levels with 4 possible rack positions allowing for flexible loading configurations in a compact footprint. The dual drying system through both chamber and injector minimizes total process time.  The load-bearing door provides a platform for convenient loading without having to carry heavy racks from workbench to washer.

1400 LX

The 1400 LX allows labs to wash and dry high volumes of glassware. With a wider chamber and washing on 3 levels, the 1400 LX is suitable for high- throughput labs or centralized washing facilities serving multiple labs. Four possible rack positions provide loading flexibility and efficient use of chamber volume. The dual drying system through both chamber and injector quickly and thoroughly dries both the inside and outside of the glassware to minimize process times.

1600 LXP

The 1600 LXP is the high capacity solution for laboratories with large centralized washing facilities or processing needs for large non-standard sized items. It can wash and dry on four levels simultaneously, in up to 5 rack positions to maximize flexibility and use of chamber space. The 1600 LXP supports you with increased process monitoring options to ensure process control and a reliable cleaning result.

1800 LXA

The 1800 LXA is designed for maximum productivity and throughput for large centralized washing facilities or in laboratories with large non-standard sized items. With 8 rack positions and the ability to wash and dry on 6 levels simultaneously, the 1800 LXA offers the most flexibility in the Lancer Ultima range. A vertical automated sliding door vanishes within the frame of the washer, saving valuable floor space.

Lancer Ultima Loading Equipment

Reliable glassware washing results require racks and loading equipment made for specific applications. Discover the range of Getinge standard loading equipment to ensure effective cleaning and ergonomic handling of your laboratory items.

Getinge Lancer LLL Detergent & NLL Neutralizer

LLL and NLL assure high performance washing by a contamination free process with compatibility between equipment material and chemicals used. Phospathe-free and non-foaming. For availibility check with local SSU


Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operation Qualification/Instrument … are available and ready to perform verification immediately after installation.