About the product

Invisible Systems Realtime Online is a complete system that will improve the quality of your Legionella monitoring and water hygiene whilst notably reducing the cost of conditions testing and compliance reporting.

Using our continuously improving hardware and cloud software, along with our specialist know-how in water management and Legionella prevention, our system offers efficient and accurate data collected whilst ensuring auditable compliance.

Improving water safety and ensuring legionella compliance is significantly improved using the Invisible Systems Legionella Online compliance system. Temperature monitoring is an important legal requirement under HSG274 Part 2, aimed to manage the risk and improve Legionella control. The system is ideally suited for all hot and cold water systems, calorifiers, cooling towers and water storage applications.

For information about how we can help your business or to enquire about the product, please feel free to contact us or call Richard Dake on 01 2952501