A wide range of Microscopes for Biology, Laboratory and Industry Krüss offers two ranges of Microscopes for the Biology Laboratory.

The MBL3200 is a professional inverse microscope, for identification and analysis of biological substances and cultures, includes mirror reflex and video camera connection via photo and C-mount video adaptor

The MBL3300 is the professional metallurgical microscope, for the identification and analysis of steel connections and other metals, suited for laboratories and industrial use (applications such as determining quality, raw material anlaysis and control of metal structures after heat treatment). It has a photo tube for connection to a camera or video camera

The MBL3200 inverse microscope.

Stereo Microscopes

Cost-effective microscopes ideal for quality control, Krüss offers two models of Stereo Microscopes

The MSL4000 series is a cost-effective, standard stereo microscope, giving varying magnification options and uses, through versatile accessory options. It includes a 45 degree angled view and eye distance adjustment, with the revolver having a two magnification capability.

To allow you to work anywhere, independent of an external electricity supply, the basic MSL model is equipped with a battery. The battery life is very user-friendly at about 25 hours.

The MSZ5000 is a professional stereo microscope, providing a robust zoom which is ideal for the examination of electronics, precision engineering/synthetic/plastic products and medical products in inspection, assembly, analysis, soldering, polishing as well as precision/smooth finishing work. Perfect for quality control applications, it has a large zoom range and excellent depth-focus.


A custom-made LIMS for your Krüss instrument.

Our new KrüssLab software offers you ideal administration of your Krüss instruments: refractometers, polarimeters and density meters can now be comfortably remote-controlled. After an easy software installation via Windows Explorer, a set of function blocks provides administration, remote control and measurement reading from your central work station.

Your instrument can either be connected via an ethernet-cable to your intranet, or directly to your PC. It is identified via its personal IP-address. Our lab software reflects the intuitive touchscreen from your Krüss instrument, and it can be run directly from your PC. Your measurements are imported directly from the instrument, and remain stored locally in the database. In this way you can also work with your data when your Krüss instrument is turned off.

Using various data filters, you can export exactly the data needed in an excel or HTML file to your printer or as a pdf document. It’s now possible to run an unlimited number of Krüss instruments centrally – your work is made easier and you will have a better overview of your processes.