Mixed Energy

About the product

Realtime-Online, being 100% web based, is perfect for organisations and applications of all types. It is a SaaS (software as a service) model, capable of being accessed from anywhere in the world by PC or smart device.

Energy or utilities can monitored in various ways and the consumption data is collected and transmitted by an ULTRA RF Transmitter to the Gateway and onto Realtime-Online.

From using our wide selection of Modbus Meter Panels, power quality monitoring is provided by Modbus registers being communicated and displayed on Realtime-Online

Realtime Online provides a number dashboard options showing usage and conditions in order to identify possible energy consumption, asset conditions and compliance reporting, either from a single point in a single building or a limitless number of data points across an estate.

Other data may be integrated into Realtime-Online from a wide range of systems and formats allowing organisations to collate and manage all aspects of energy and building-related data in a single system.

For information about how we can help your business or to enquire about the product, please feel free to contact us or call Richard Dake on 01 2952501