FlowCam is a valuable tool for analyzing particles in drug research and development, and can help you bring drugs to market faster. In the testing phase, FlowCam provides you the exact size and shape of biological material and compounds, making it an important tool for stability studies. In manufacturing, the FlowCam provides you continuous monitoring for process control and to test batch samples for quality control

Explore FlowCam® Biopharm & Pharma Applications

Protein Therapeutics

FlowCam® VS.

The FlowCam VS series is ideally suited to a typical laboratory environment, and can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your specific needs and application.

The flexibility of FlowCam VS allows you to optimize the system for counting and sizing, superior image quality, and morphology characterization.

Choose the FlowCam® VS Series for:

  • Analysis of particles from 2 µm to 2 mm
    Four magnifications (2X, 4X, 10X, and 20X) and various flow cell sizes available – you can easily alternate between multiple analytical ranges.
  • Flexible sample introduction and volume control
    Accommodates sample volumes as low as 100 µL – and offers both discrete sampling and continuous, in-situ analysis.
  • High sampling efficiency & fast analysis times
    Captures particle images at up to 22 frames per second.
  • Unmatched access to your data
    Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet® software captures over 30 meaurements for each particle and provides extensive post-processing capabilities.

FlowCam® Biologics.

 Using the proven industry-leading image quality found in the FlowCam VS-Series, FlowCam®Biologics is a dynamic imaging particle analysis system completely optimized for the analysis of sub-visible particulates in protein therapeutics.

Applications include:

  • Detection & measurement of protein aggregates and other particulates
  • Formulation research & development
  • QC diagnostics
  • Stability studies and shelf-life simulation

FlowCam® PV

The FlowCam PV offers an economical application-specific imaging particle analysis system with a small footprint. The operation of the FlowCam PV is simple and straightforward. Simply load sample and initiate run by touching a single button.

The FlowCam PV is best suited for laboratories where similar types of samples are run continuously

Choose the FlowCam® PV Series for:

  • Single Button Control
    Easy-to-use system with no setup required.
    Built-in containers for rinse solution and waste.
  • Easy Operation
    All functions are computer-controlled with a touch screen or mouse-driven interface.
  • Fast acquisition of thousands of particle images
    Capture size and shape measurements in seconds.
  • Compact footprint
    9.5” W x 16.5” D x 10.5” H.
  • Unmatched access to your data
    Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet® software captures over 30 measurements for each particle and provides extensive post-processing capabilities.