Patient Monitoring & Connectivity

Spacelabs offers a broad portfolio of innovative patient monitoring and information systems to support decision-making and help improve patient care. Our modular and configured patient monitors and telemetry systems assure immediate access to comprehensive patient data when and where needed. Parameter modules enable you to customize monitoring to specific patients. Sophisticated clinical tools are integrated into our patient monitors to optimize care and efficiency, and connectivity solutions assure reliable performance throughout your network.

Software and Connectivity

Today’s clinicians expect data to be available at their fingertips. Spacelabs’ connectivity system carries vital information to clinicians across services and sites in real time. It can also bring it to your desktop and mobile devices. Working seamlessly with Electronic Medical Records systems it can supply both numeric and waveform data. With the ability to launch from an EPR, it can also be deployed to the patient monitor screen.

Spacelabs understands the need for economic value and thus specifies a non-proprietary infrastructure including data centers and virtualization. With a consultative approach, the company brings together clinical, biomedical and IT staff within an organization offering audits and impartial recommendations to suit your local needs.

Patient Monitors (Modular)

Spacelabs patient monitors offer fast access to comprehensive patient information where and when needed. In this way, our monitors help speed and support your decisions, which in turn can improve response time, advance patient care, and enhance patient safety. Consistency and flexibility are built into every monitor to assure ease of use and optimal performance with minimal effort.

Patient Monitors (Configured)

Spacelabs offers a variety of configured monitors to meet specific needs in different environments:


Our parameter modules provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities and unparalleled flexibility in matching the monitor to the patient’s needs in any care area in the hospital – from low acuity to intensive care, from neonate to adult.

Clinical Tools

The Spacelabs patient monitor system has an extensive set of clinical capabilities developed in conjunction with clinicians to improve efficiency, functionality and flow of clinical information. These tools are designed to help control costs and reduce patient length of stay.


Spacelabs Medical invented medical telemetry more than 50 years ago, working with NASA in 1958 to monitor the vital signs of orbiting astronauts, and was the first to introduce telemetry to hospitals. Today the flexibility of our digital telemetry allows you to configure your system to match the needs of your patients and your clinicians. Access real-time and retrospective information when and where you need it. Hospitals around the world depend on Spacelabs for continuous, reliable monitoring of ambulatory patients.