High-Speed Polarimeter Series – the fastest polarimeter worldwide.

Polarimeter P8000 Family

The polarimeter P8000 family. With the automatic digital high-speed polarimeters in the P8000 Series, A.KRÜSS Optronic is providing a device series at the peak of technological development. The extremely fast instruments are the fastest polarimeters in the world with a measuring time of just 1 second!   Despite their extreme time efficiency, they achieve high accuracy and resolution.

Automatic Polarimeter

The automatic high-speed laboratory polarimeter P3000 For tasks where ease of use with an extremely fast measuring time of just 1 second is of higher priority than a large number of decimal places, the fully automatic laboratory polarimeter P3000 is the perfect instrument.

Manual Polarimeter

The manual polarimeter P1000-LED

Manual polarimetry by all means still has its place in smaller laboratories and in training. With the manual polarimeter P1000-LED, the A.KRÜSS Optronic range provides a classic traditional instrument that no analytical collection should be without.