If you’re concerned about sample contamination whilst testing for COVID-19, doing research, or working with any other samples, Brennan & Company agents for the Alpha Laboratories specialist pipette tip to make your life easier, whilst ensuring accuracy and precision.

New Paradigm Low Retention Tips

The Paradigm Low-Retention range of Non-Filter Reload, and Filter tips featuring Aerogard® technology, truly epitomises the perfect pipetting experience.

The minimised fluid retention, combined with the tapered-tip design, vastly improves pipetting efficiency. The extended length and multi-volume filter tips prevent cross-contamination of your samples as they are long enough to get to the bottom of narrow vessels so no part of the pipette barrel should enter the sample vessel during a pipetting cycle

ZAP™ Premier Filter Tips

ZAP Premier filter tips provide the ultimate protection and prevent contamination of not just your sample, but your pipette too.

The extensive range is compatible with most popular pipette brands and is available in a wide range of volumes.

Choose the closest volume for your application requirements to minimise the risk of contamination from a large air column between the sample and the filter.

For 100% confidence whilst pipetting choose Alpha Laboratories pipette tips.

Email us specifying your required tips.